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Custom Design
Designer Rim Worlds Republic
Production information
Manufacturer Rim Worlds Republic
Model BND-XX1
Class Medium
Technical specifications
Mass 40 tons
Chassis Kell/S
Armor Durallex Light
Engine VOX 280
Speed 97.8 km/h
Jump Jets None
  • 4x Medium lasers
  • 1x LRM-15
  • Experimental Targeting Computer
BV (1.0)  ???
BV (2.0)  ???


In the wake of the destruction of Hopper Morrison's Extractors, the mercenary company Able's Aces suffered a major shortfall in both men and material. Although the salvage from the Extractors replaced many of the losses, the Aces still suffered from a lack of medium and light 'Mechs. As such, a mad scramble was undertaken across the Rim Collective worlds to find any and all old light and medium chassis, regardless of condition. During this search, a small group of Aces salvagers stumbled across an old bunker on the planet Gillfillan's Gold that contained pieces of old Rim Worlds Republic military hardware. Although most of it was old and unsalvagable, the Aces netted a major prize with the discovery of four experimental BattleMech chassis, christened in recovered files as "Bandeirantes". These BattleMechs underwent extensive testing with the Aces, which quickly proved them to be a rugged design perfect for the kind of fights the Aces would see on the Periphery.


The armament of the Bandeirante is fairly heavy for a Medium 'Mech, with four Medium Lasers and an LRM launcher. However, the main prize for the Aces came in the form of the experimental targeting computers found on the chassis. These targeting computers, in contrast to standard models, could be used to tie in with the electronics of up to four other BattleMechs and help with their targeting. Aces technicians believe that this system represents an early attempt to combine the functions of the targeting computer with that of the C3 Computer, and it has proven to be of great use in field tests.