Type/Model:    Eye APC A-73 Mass:          15 tons Power Plant:   65 Atlantis Light Fusion Cruise Speed:  108.0 km/h Maximum Speed: 162.0 km/h Armor Type:    Durallex Super Ferro-Fibrous Armament:       2 BuzzBomb II Streak SRM 2s 2 Falcon Lasers ER Small Lasers Manufacturer:  Armscor Inc Location:    Aresopolis Communications System:  Geyser Mk3 Targeting & Tracking System:  Scorpion Tracker 4000


Built as replacement for the aging A100 APC, the A-73 Eye is better in all requards. It has more firepower, carries more troops and is a little faster.

The cost went up, but the gain is well worth the extra spent. Bult to fight along side the infantry it carries the Eye has seen action both against the Karagin and in putting down minor uprisings among Co-Alliance colonies and as well as use by merc units that operate in and around the Co-Alliance borders as well as the areas of her allies and enemies.

Several variants of the Eye are around and most are modfied as needed by their crews.