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Custom Design
Designer Mayes
Production information
Manufacturer Star League Weapons Research
Class Heavy
Cost 18,354,000
Technical specifications
Mass 75
Armor Standard

Armor Value = 232 H. 9 CT. 35/11 RT/LT. 24/8 RA/LA. 24 RL/LL. 32

Jump Jets
  • 4x ER Medium Laser
  • 1x Gauss Rifle
BV (1.0) 2330 (BattleMech Designer)
BV (2.0)  ???

Description Edit

Found on the moon Tritan, the Frey is a lost Star League design. Found along side the Ragnorok, these two 'Mech's seem to have been ready to put into major production in a vain attempt to save the Star League. Sadly the designs came too late, as none made it to the field. There were 12 Frey found. Kallon Industries and Namakachi Fusion Products Ltd. are tooling up to begin production.

Armament Edit

Designed to be a front line 'Mech, the Frey is armed with ER Medium Lasers for medium and close range. A single Gauss Rifle allows for ranged damage capability.

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