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Heavy Autocannon/4
Custom Design
Production information
Type Ballistic
Tech Base Clan
Year Availability c3060
Technical specifications
Heat 1
Damage 4
Minimum Range 4
Short Range 8
Medium Range 16
Long Range 24
Tons 6
Critical Slots 4
Ammo Per Ton 45
Cost (unloaded)  ???
Ammo Cost (per ton)  ???
BV (1.0) 74
BV (2.0)  ???


The Heavy Autocannon/4 was developed by Clan Ghost Bear somewhere around 3060. It is essentially an autocannon with a stronger barrel firing shells with a stronger propellant. This allows it to do more damage than a normal autocannon, while keeping similiar range. Unfortunately, it tends to suffer from jams when fired repeatedly, and the shells are also more volatile due to the stronger propellants used.