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Malachai DeDlowe



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XO of the Blackguards, Chief tactical officer






Originally from the Federated Suns, Malakai DeSlowe had not originally intended to become a mercenary. An academic and researcher, he was interested in a number of esoteric and otherwise obscure subjects. Moving to Sarna after the Fourth Succession war, he took up a university job while following his various interests though Sarna’s libraries. However, the world’s liberation from the Federated Commonwealth as well as the rise of the Sarna Supremacy did not sit well with him; he chose to leave the planet before matters became too hazardous for his health.

Instead, he took up a different approach to his studies. Initially he hoped to hire a small unit to help him “acquire” materials for his studies. However, his lack of resources and competition in the field of aggressive research saw him squeezed out. However, a chance meeting with Danae Weiss saw his fortunes change; impressed with his quick mind and knowledge, she offered him a place with her new unit as a tactical operations officer. In return, he would get not only a regular source of income, but also a unit that could help him with the acquisitions he so desired.

Malakai became a regular fixture of the unit’s operations, coordinating their actions while analysing the enemy’s strengths and devising tactics to respond to them. He has also directed more then a few “extra” operations to loot artefacts or information that he has requested.


Malakai is amoral to the point of apathy; he does not care what needs to be done as long as the desired result is reached. This has been a driving force into his research; while he refuses to disclose his overall goals, he has never expressed any qualms about doing what needs to be done for it. That he has ended up working with a band of bloodthirsty mercenaries does not seem to concern him at all.

While he rarely speaks, he does have an impressive gift for analysis and something of a head for tactics. However, he also tends to view the members of the Blackguards as being less of people and more of ultimately expendable units. Despite this, he is Danae’s closest confidant.


Malakai is tall and rail thin, with dark eyes and long, limp black hair. He dresses primarily in black, with a taste for board-rimmed hats.


Mobile Headquarters

Malakai’s Mobile Headquarters is painted entirely flat black. It has been commented that the vehicle looks like a gigantic hearse.

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