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Proj-Dark Phoenix logo revised-B-W 2780-3062 AD

Project: Dark Phoenix is a guide to the multiple variations to the classic 'Mechs from the time of Kerensky's departure from the Inner Sphere through 3062. As the Succession Wars blasted some parts of the Inner Sphere back to the Stone Age, mankind quickly lost its ability to maintain its level of technology. So the machines of war started to be revised in the production process to simplify manufacturing or reflect the lack of the high-tech materials used to create the original designs.

The various manufacturers across the IS had many names or acronyms for these changes; DLEP (Design Life Engineering Program), RMI (Revised Manufacturing Implementation), EPP (Evolved Production Process), Product Operation Doppleganger and so on. Project: Dark Phoenix combines the more common changes to these units and will try to provide a little history of these in the process.

Units covered in Volume 1:
*Phoenix Hawk
*Shadow Hawk
*Stinger LAM
*Wasp LAM
*Phoenix Hawk LAM