The Recon is designed to be the ultimate recon mech, It mounts an advanced C3 computer and every peice of electronics, that a mech can use. The Recon mounts only 6 tons of stealth armour.


The Recon was only used in a significant way, once by Vulture Tech. who used it to steal the design specifications, for the fafnir. these specifications were used as the backbone for the design of the Odin.


The Recon mounts every peice of electronics available to a mechwarrior, however its only weapon is 1 heavy large laser. It makes up for this lack of firepower with its stealth capabilites and top speed of 157 kh.


Varient1 - This varient is commonly used by bandits to raid lightly armoured convoys. It mounts a single ppc, but lacks an advanced torso and enhanced optics.

Varient2 - Use entierly for anti infantry work, this varient mounts a medium X-pulse laser (for armoured infantry) and a flamer.

Varient3 - This varient lacks an advanced gyro but a large laser and a targeting laser make it the smallest sniper mech in existence.