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Field Repairs for Damaged Battle Equipment

Internal StructureEdit

  • A damaged location may be repaired as long as the damage does not exceed 50% of the total Internal Structure of that location. Repairs to a single damaged location costs one support point for Light 'Mechs, two for Medium 'Mechs, three for Heavy and four for Asault 'Mechs. If another unit is scrapped for support points, they may be used to 'pay' for these repairs. Obviously, a 'Mech scrapped may only repair a 'Mech, a scrapped vehicle may only repair a vehicle etc. A Green Tech may repair 2 points of damage a day; a Regular Tech 4 points; a Veteran Tech 6 points; an Elite Tech can manage 8 points per day. Astech squads always repair 2 points per day, and may assist a Tech; only 1 Tech at a time may work on a given location.
  • If a location is damaged beyond 50%, it must be replaced. Replacement limbs (including a side torso) costs 10% of the 'Mech's internal skeleton. In addition to the cost of purchasing the new part, and the normal cost of repairing, it takes four support point worth of work to attach the new location (in which case, ALL of the IS in a location must be 'repaired'). Spare points may NOT be used for the additional costs: only the work of real Techs, can mend the damage. Repairs require a suitable repair platform, and take one additionl day for Arms, Legs and Heads, two for Torsos. A 'Mech's Center Torso CANNOT be repaired. The entire 'Mech must be replaced, although arms and legs may be removed for spare parts.

Endo Steel StructureEdit

  • Endo steel is far more difficult to repair, both do to its composite nature, and its scarcity in the modern Successor States. Endo Steel may be repaired as normal with the following exceptions: Each point of Endo Steel structure to be repaired costs two support points, and may only be repaired by Veteran or Elite Techs (though an Astech Squad may assist them).
  • As Endo Steel is no longer produced, obtaining replacement limbs is virtually impossible. If one can be found, Veteran or Elite Techs may attach it, though it requires three additional support points worth of work. Endo-Steel repairs take one day longer than normal.

Armor RepairEdit

  • Armor must be replaced. Each ton of armor costs 10,000 C-Bills. Any Tech or Astech squad may replace armor on a 'Mech, provided extra armor is available. As this duty is considered part of ordinary battle repairs, it requires no additional expenditure (beyond the Tech's salary). A Green Tech/Astech may replace 1/2 ton of armor per day; a Regular Tech/Astech 1 ton; a Veteran Tech 1.5 tons; an Elite Tech may replace 2 tons of armor a day. Up to two Techs, each assisted by an Astech Squad may replace a given 'Mech's armor at the same time.

Ferro-Fibrous Armor RepairEdit

  • Like Endo Steel, FF requires a Veteran or Elite Tech to repair the armor. Repair times are as follows: a Veteran Tech may repair one ton/day (1.5 with n Astech Squad); an Elite Tech may repair 1.5 tons/day (2 with astechs). As with regular armor, up to two Techs may work on a 'Mech simultaneously. The largest problem with FF repairs is frequently locating supplies of Ferro-Fibrous armor.

Gyro RepairsEdit

  • Gyros are extremely sophisticated pieces of equipment, difficult to repair in the best of cases. A damaged Gyro has an 80% chance of being repairable, and each additional hit reduces that chance by 30%; if a Gyro hs somehow lost all four slots, it is obviously totally destroyed. Elite Techs may add 10% to this roll, Veterans add 5%, and Green Techs must subtract 10%. As long as a Gyro is not completely wrecked, it may be scrapped for "Gyro parts." A scrapped Gyro provides 1 part for each undamaged slot; these parts are specific to a given Gyro's weight (i.e. parts for a 1 ton Gyro are not compatible with those from a 4 ton Gyro).
  • As long as a Gyro may be repaired, each damaged slot requires 5 support points to repair (or two Parts from a similarly a sized Gyro). Green Techs may repair a single slot in four days. Regular and Veteran Techs may repair a slot in two dys, and an Elite Tech may repair a slot in one day. If an Astech squaad assists the Tech, halve the time required; Astechs cannot repair a Gyro themselves. Only one Tech may work on a Gyro at a time. If a 'Mech's Gyro is undergoing repairs, no other repairs may be conducted on the front torsos of that Mech. Gyro repairs always require a 'Gyro Repair Kit.'

Engine RepairsEdit

  • Fusion Engines are not very robust. 'Mech engines include shielding both to isolate heat, and to prevent damage. As long as the shielding is intact, a fusion engine may be repaired. If a 'Mech has taken three Engine hits, there is only a 25% chance the Engine may be repaired; Veteran Techs may add 5% to this roll, Elite Techs may add 10%, and Green Techs may not make the attempt. If the Engine is destroyed beyond repair, there is a 10% chance that the meltdown destroyed the BattleMech's center torso as well. Provided the 'Mech survived the Meltdown, a destroyed engine may still be scrapped for two points of Engine shielding (a repairble engine yields four points).
  • Engine shielding may be repaired at a cost of three support points per point of shielding (or for two points of spare shielding), plus one support point worth of labor. Only Techs may perform these repairs, though they must be assisted by an Astech Squad. A green Tech may replace one point of shielding in three days; a Regular Tech in two days; Veteran and Elite Techs may repair a point of shielding in a single day. As with Gyro repairs, Engine repairs prevent any other repairs on the front torsos of that Mech, and require an 'Fusion Repair Kit.'.
  • Damage to an Engine beyond the shielding is far more difficult to repair. As long as the engine isn't a total loss, it may be repaired by a non-Green Tech (and an Astech squad) with a suitable repair facility. Repairs require five support points worth of work and material, and take Regular Techs three days, Veteran Techs two days, and Elite Techs one day. After the repairs are complete, the Engine must still be shielded as normal.
  • If an Engine is totally destroyed, but the 'Mech survives its destruction, the 'Mech will require a new engine. Installing a new engine cannot be done by Techs in the field: it requires a full Overhaul.

XL Engine RepairsEdit

  • Extra-Light Engines are far more sophisticated than ordinary engines, and are far more complicated to repair. XL Engines also have two points of Engine Shielding, but an XL Engine with three hits has a 60% chance of being repaired; four hits has 40%; five hits has 20% chance. Only Elite or Veteran Techs may attempt to repair these Engines (although Elite Techs may add 10% to the roll). Six or more hits will totally destroy the engine. If the engine is unsalvageable, there is a 20% chance the 'Mech will be destroyed in the meltdown. A wrecked XL engine may be scrapped for two points of XL shielding (an intact XL would yield eight points). Although XL shielding my be used to repir a normal engine, an XL Enggine MUST be repaired with XL shielding.
  • XL Shielding is repaired in the same manner as normal shielding (although it takes twice as long). If no XL shielding is available, Techs maay attempt to jury-rig the shielding at a cost of 5 Support Points. This process hs an 80% chance of working (minus 10% for each similarly rigged slot on the Engine); an Elite Tech may add 10% to the roll. If the roll fails, the Engine is wrecked for good (though the 'Mech survives).
  • Damage to the XL beyond shielding is difficult, but not impossible, to repair. Veteran and Elite Techs may repair one slot in two days ( provided they have the appropriate repair facilities), at a cost of 10 Support Points each. As with normal Engine repairs, only 1 Tech at a time may work on aan XL engine, and these repairs will prevent other repairs to the 'Mech's front Torsos.

ICE Engine RepairsEdit

  • Technically obsolete, internal combustion Engines are too weak to power BattleMechs, but they are often found on conventional vehicles. If a vehicle suffers an engine hit, there is a 75% chance the engine can be repaired (provided the vehicle survived). If the engine can be repaired, it will require a Tech (and his Astech squad) half a day and one support point to repair. If the Engine is beyond repair, it may still be scrapped for two Support points.

Sensor RepairsEdit

  • A 'Mech with damaged sensors (i.e. one hit) has a 50% chance of repairing them; Veteran Techs may add 5% to this roll, Elite Techs may add 10%. If they can be repaired, it will take two days for Green or Regular Techs, one for Veteran or Elite Techs. Although Astechs my not perform these repairs alone, their aid will halve the time required. The repairs will cost 2 Support Points, and requires an 'Electronics Repair Kit.'
  • If the 'Mech's sensors have been destroyed beyond repair, they must be replaced. In addition to the cost of the new sensors, the replacement will cost 5 Support Points, and will take two days for Veteran or Elite Techs, three for Regular Techs, and four for a Green Tech. Astechs will still halve the time taken. Only one Tech may lead repairs on the sensors at a time.
  • If the 'Mech has a Satellite Uplink, Sensor repairs cost 2 additional Support Points, and take an extra day.

Electronic Warfare RepairsEdit

  • Beagle Active Probes damaged in battle have a 50% chance of being repaired. Only Veteran and Elite Techs, and one at a time) may attempt the repairs (Elite Techs may add 10%). The repairs take 2 Support Points and two days (one with an Astech squad). Beagles which take two hits are destroyed and must be replaced similarly to 'Mech sensors.
  • A damaged Guardian ECM system has a 40% chance of being repaired. As with most SLDF equipent, only Veteran and Elite Techs may attempt the repair (Elite Techs with +10%). The repair costs 3 Support Points and takes two days (one with Astechs). A destroyed Guardian must be replaced, following the same procedures as 'Mech sensors.
  • TAG systems damaged in battle cannot be repaired. They must be replaced, as other EW systems.

Double Heat Sink RepairEdit

  • Double Heat Sinks may be repaired by Veteran or Elite Techs. One damaged slot can be repaired 60% of the time, two damaged slots 20% of the time (Elite Techs still add 10%). The repairs, if possible, take half a day, and cost 1 support point per slot. If it must be replced, a Double Heat Sink requires no special expenditures, though it must be handled by experienced Techs.

Weapon RepairsEdit

Weapons may be repaired by Veteran or Elite Techs. To determine the % of damage, divide 100% by the number of critical slots. Damage over 50% destroys the weapon completely.

  • 1-20% damage: can be repaired 70% of the time
  • 21-40% damage: there is a 45% chance of repair.
  • 41-50% damage: 20% chance of repair

Elite Techs still add 10% chance of repair.

The repairs, if possible, take half a day, and cost 1 support point per slot.