VTlasers are manufactured exclusivly by Vulture Tech, or VT


Small - Weight 1.50; Damage 0; Heat 1.00; Range 200m; Recycle 2.00.

Medium - Weight 3.00; Damage 0; Heat 2.50; Range 400m; Recycle 5.00.

Large - Weight 5.00; Damage 0; Heat 4.00; Range 900m; Recycle 10.00.


VTlasers are tuned to the ultraviolet end of the visible spectrum. Consequentially, the beam is blue, and unlike most laser weapons, does minimal physical damage. Instead, the energized radiation produced by the beam causes the myomer muscles in the mechs actuators to expand; this means that any limb hit by enough fire from a VTlaser will freeze up and become temporarily unusable. A large VTlaser can freeze an arm, slow down an assault mech if shot at its legs, or even make a light mech fall over if hit on the leg whilst in motion (this can have rather amusing results on any mech that uses MASC.)

VTlasers are banned in Solaris games, and considered a war crime in some parts of the Inner Sphere, because the radiation from the weapon can cause the pilots of vehicles without enviromental sealing to suffer from lethal doses of radiation poisoning and can even cause SRMs and Inferno warheads to spontaniously detonate inside the mech mounting them.