'Vulture Tech' is a small Periphery weapons company based on the planet of Dacheon. Vulture Tech specalises in weaponry and mechs, but also make there own brand of armour.


The exact founding date of VT is unknown, however it is thought to be some time after the 'Fed Com CIval War'. In the Periphery Vulture Tech has a reputation for slightly overpriceing its products. However for those who want the best quality possible its well worth the extra cost.



VTlasers come in small, medium and large. VTlasers unlike every other beam weapon do no damage to the enemy mech. Instead they freeze its actuators. The beam is highly orientated to the ultravilot end of the spectrum. This makes them highly iradiated. The affect of a VTlaser is that the energized radiation, makes the polymer muscles in a mechs actuators want to expand, and stay that way. This means a shot from a VTlarge laser can temporarily: freeze a limb; slow down an assault mech; or if you can hit the leg of a light mech in motion, it will go completely stiff, causing the light mech to tumble to the ground.

As a note VTlasers are banned in Solaris Tournaments, and are considered a warm crime in some parts of the Inner Spheres

((Static Cannon))Edit

Static Cannons are a beam weapon that fire fires a bit like a ppc. Static cannons cause minor damage and hud problems for the target.


Heat Lasers are massvily orientated to the infared end of the spectrum, this makes the beams invisible, and extreemly hot. Hazers also have extreemly short range.

((Nydus -mech-))Edit

The nydus is a medium support mech designed on the same principle as the IS hollander mech. Its main weapon is a Lincked Cappacitator PPC.

((Odin -mech-))Edit

The Odin is simmilar in design to the Fafnir, only on a much larger scale. Its best uses are defence, and dropship assaults.

((Recon -mech-))Edit

The recon lives up to its name as the ultimate, recon mech.Unfortunately a flea can mount greater offensive capabilities.

((Ballin -turret-))Edit

The Balin is a long range heavy turret, designed to relentlesly hammer the target with cripplingly acurate fire.

((Charron -jet-))Edit

The Charron is a high speed jet designed for harrasing and anti mech work.